On-demand webinar:

A 5-step guide to keeping your travelers safe in times of uncertainty

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You will learn:

  • The 5 critical steps to ensure business continuity and safety for travelers
  • How TravelPerk can support you in your duty of care

Right now, there's a lot of uncertainty across the world, and it can be hard for companies to know how to continue operating effectively.

If business travel is still necessary, it's imperative to make sure risk is minimized, your business is protected, and your travelers are kept safe.

In the webinar, we're sharing our best practice guide, to support you keep your business as unaffected as possible.


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JC Taunay-Bucalo

Chief Commercial Officer TravelPerk

JC Taunay-Bucalo is the Chief Commercial Officer at TravelPerk, the fastest-growing Saas company in the world.

Previously, JC led multiple successful SaaS companies through exponential growth as a Sales and Marketing executive, though not all at the same time. They include EMS Cortex (later sold to Citrix), Vend HQ, and Veeqo.
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David Hooker

Director of Brand and Communications, TravelPerk

Once upon a time, David Hooker was a writer - you can tell that from the opening to this bio. Somewhere along the way he got lost and ended up leading a team of world-class designers as the Lead Evangelist for Prezi. Now, he's on a mission to build the world's favourite business travel brand at TravelPerk.

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Learn how to build a safety guide for travelers in time of uncertainty