On-demand webinar:

How to reduce the risks of business travel

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You will learn:

  • How to conduct risk management, and mitigate those risks when traveling
  • Update on COVID-19 and managing travel during this period
  • How International SOS and TravelPerk can support you in your duty of care

Safety is always a top priority when managing corporate travel. And while travel is currently reduced, now’s the perfect opportunity to implement robust duty of care practices, to ensure you and your travelers are prepared for the next business trip.


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Kelly Jewison

Head of Partnerships, TravelPerk

Kelly oversees all third party integrations and brand partnerships at TravelPerk. He trains teams internally and externally on the value of these partnerships, and streamlines the process for TravelPerk customers.

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David Hooker

Director of Brand and Communications, TravelPerk

Once upon a time, David Hooker was a writer - you can tell that from the opening to this bio. Somewhere along the way he got lost and ended up leading a team of world-class designers as the Lead Evangelist for Prezi. Now, he's on a mission to build the world's favourite business travel brand at TravelPerk.

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Clelia Baron

Digital Travel Risk Management Specialist, International SOS

Clelia has a wealth of experience on International SOS digital capabilities. As an expert, she is able to connect digital capabilities with Duty of Care, business continuity and crisis response.

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Simon Jamieson

Director of Business Development, International SOS

Simon is a subject matter expert on travel risks management at International SOS. He’s been with the business for 5 years and leads a team of experts across the Northern Europe region.

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Dr Mark Parrish

Regional Medical Director, International SOS

Dr Parrish is a leader in the medical consulting world. As regional Medical Director at International SOS, he supports clients to keep their workforce healthy. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, he has been instrumental in delivering advice and insights to alleviate the effects of the crisis.

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Learn how to reduce the risks of business travel