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Why sustainable travel matters and how you can make it happen

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You will learn:

  • Why companies should care about traveling green
  • What's important in emissions reduction and carbon offsetting?
  • The critical steps to make it happen

In business, nothing beats a face to face meeting. However, these connections come at a cost to the environment - every journey has an impact on our world.

So we’re teaming up with our sustainability partner Atmosfair, to give you practical steps on how to mitigate, reduce, and offset your environmental impact. All with the goal of taking your corporate carbon footprint to zero.


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Elianne Mureddu

Product Manager, TravelPerk

Before solving world problems through technology at TravelPerk, Elianne completed her studies in Environmental Science at York University in Canada, and spent the first part of her career working in international sustainability initiatives with companies such as WWF, BMW Group, Green Building Council and NRG Energy.

As a Product Manager, Elianne has led the launch of TravelPerk’s first green travel program “GreenPerk”, providing customers with visibility and control over the CO2 impact of their corporate travel, helping them take action towards sustainability.
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Angelika Tarasiuk

Sales Team Manager, TravelPerk

Since beginning her journey at TravelPerk in 2018, Angelika has seen first hand the drive of the new workforce to reduce the environmental impact of their travel. One of her big passions is empowering companies to turn that desire into a reality.

Before joining the team, she has endeavored in continuous learning, attaining a Masters in Marketing & Sales, and working in various industries including Financial Services, IT, eCommerce, Advertising and Leisure, Travel & Tourism. Currently, as Sales Team Manager, she is responsible for the success of six sales professionals.
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Julia Zhu

Business Development Manager, Atmosfair

Julia supports businesses on their way to low-carbon operations, with a special focus on the travel industry. Julia holds an MA degree in English and communications. In her spare time, she likes to travel Europe by train.

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Learn why sustainable travel matters and how you can make it happen