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Spotlight: Albatross | How To Keep Your Traveling Employees Safe During COVID-19

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Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The need for fast access to accurate information on ever-changing travel restrictions
  • The growing importance of duty of care as we move towards 2021
  • Why open API is the future of business travel
  • How & why TravelPerk integrated Albatross 
Join our travel experts, Raphael Daverio, Chief Executive Officer at Albatross, and Sophie Navarro, Strategic Account Manager at TravelPerk, to learn how to ensure the safety of your employees through TravelCare: the risk management tool offering alerts according to your traveling plans.

As travel restrictions are here to stay, we’re starting to see the need for a better understanding of how to stay up to date with all the local, regional, and national regulations implemented by governments and international associations. Luckily, we have the solution.


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Raphael Daverio

Chief Executive Officer, Albatross

Raphael began his career in venture development at Rocket Internet and in strategy consulting at PwC / Strategy&. He fell in love with the product discipline while managing the chat product team at letgo, a disruptive classified marketplace. After learning software engineering in early 2020, he founded Albatross, a risk information startup whose first product was an API for information on Covid-related travel restrictions. Albatross was acquired by TravelPerk in July 2020, and re-launched in September as the TravelSafe API. Raphael now manages TravelPerk's duty-of-care focused experiences. When not thinking about how to create amazing experiences for TravelPerk's clients, you can find Raph doing high-altitude mountaineering or cooking some delicious Italian food. 

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Sophie Navarro

Strategic Account Manager, TravelPerk

Sophie is based in Barcelona, with over 10 years of international hospitality and tourism experience. She is well networked, very adept at building international partnerships and maintaining long-term relationships with existing clients. She thrives on strong customer satisfaction.
When not on a plane meeting clients, she’ll either be getting some fresh air in the mountains or discovering a new country.

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