On-demand Webinar

Company Culture and Remote Work:
Finding the Perfect Balance

This webinar will touch on...

    • How can you adapt your company culture to the hybrid work environment
    • How to help your employees adjust to working in the new normal
    • How to create an emotional connection to the organization in the digital world
    • How have the roles of Office, Travel, and Community Managers evolved since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic
    • What new concerns all businesses will need to address now that we are slowly returning to face to face interactions
    • How to effectively work remotely, make progress toward diversity and inclusion goals, and build a strong organizational culture
    • Practical tips and tricks from People Teams leaders on how to best maintain your company culture in the new way of working.

Our Experts

Avi Meir
Co-founder & CEO
Interested in tech from a young age, Avi started coding when he was 12, and continued to develop his engineering credentials throughout his early career. It was in an early role as operations manager at Charles de Gaulle Airport that he first discovered an interest in the travel industry, and quickly spotted the opportunity to draw on his life-long love of technology to modernize much of the outdated practice in travel.
Ross Seychell
As a business leader with 20 years of HR experience, I have a strong passion for how people and culture enable companies to achieve their mission. After building out commercial people functions and strategies at high-growth companies such as Wise and King, I was really happy to join Personio as Chief People Officer to help achieve our mission to become Europe’s leading HR platform.
John Goulding
John Goulding is CEO and co-founder of Workvivo, a Cork-based technology company providing an internal communications platform designed to increase employee engagement. John was previously CEO of CoreHR, a global leader in the HR tech space, and Senior Director of Global Support in EMC (now Dell EMC). John and his co-founder, Joe Lennon, founded Workvivo in 2017 to address the increasing problem of employee disengagement globally.
Patrick Cournoyer
When implementing Peakon at the San Francisco technology company where he was previously Vice President of People, Patrick was so impressed with both the product and the team that he moved halfway around the world to join Peakon in 2016.
As Chief Evangelist, Patrick speaks with people around the world about the transformative power of Peakon – now a Workday company. His passion is to inspire thought and action within the global HR community.
Sofia Bogunovic
Sofia is the Senior Marketing Content Specialist at TravelPerk and she will be the moderator of this webinar. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from University College London, a Graduate Diploma in Law from BPP Law School and a Master in Corporate Communications from IE, Madrid.

Let's improve employee satisfaction in the new normal!

Remote or hybrid work does not have to mean the loss of your company culture, values, or style.
Join our industry experts to learn from practical examples how to enhance the sense of belonging in the new normal.